The Kiggavik Project is AREVA’s planned uranium mining and milling operation in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut (about 80 km west of the community of Baker Lake). Uranium from this project will fuel power plants to help meet the world’s energy needs without producing a lot of greenhouse gases.

Quick Facts


  • Kiggavik: three open-pit mines, one processing mill, one modern and comfortable accommodation complex. The mined-out open pits will become the tailings-
    management facility.
  • Sissons: one open-pit mine, one underground mine.
  • Baker Lake: dock site to supply the Kiggavik Project.



Step One
Building Phase

Step Two
Operation Time

Step Three
Decommissioning (restoring the mine site once mining has stopped)

Step Four
Post-decommission Site Assessments



750 Jobs
The building phase will create 750 jobs

600 Employment Opportunities
Project operation will create up to 600 jobs

1300 Jobs
Business opportunities and indirect jobs will account for an additional 1,300 jobs


This project will support a more balanced economy in Nunavut. The Kiggavik Project will add more than $1 billion to the local Nunavut and national economies through royalties (money paid by AREVA to retrieve the uranium) and taxes.