health & safety

Safety First

Studies show that modern uranium mining is safe for workers and the public. We are committed to developing the Kiggavik Project in such a way that it has no negative health effects on employees, or on the people who live in communities nearby.

Another of AREVA’s goals is to have zero accidents at job sites. To do this, AREVA will:

  • make sure there are lots of safety features on equipment
  • do regular maintenance on equipment
  • make safe work plans and train workers to follow them
  • plan for how to respond to emergencies
  • create a health centre

AREVA is pleased to report that the Kiggavik Exploration project has been successfully certified as meeting the international requirements of occupational safety standard OHSAS 18001. We will aim to achieve this certification for the Kiggavik mine and mill in the future. AREVA will always aim to keep job sites and workers safe, and to check the impact of the Kiggavik site on the health of those living nearby.