Caring for the Environment

AREVA believes in respecting the air, water and land surrounding the Kiggavik site. Caring for the unique environment around Kiggavik is something AREVA has considered during every step of this project.

For example, discussions with local Elders, hunters and trappers helped AREVA understand how important caribou are to residents of Kivalliq communities, and that these animals, and their migratory paths, must be kept safe. AREVA will continue to work with communities on caribou issues as the Project moves forward.

AREVA also looked at the effects of the Kiggavik Project on:

  • air and water quality
  • streams and lakes
  • terrain
  • permafrost
  • tundra vegetation
  • fresh-water fish
  • marine wildlife
  • muskox, bears and waterfowl habitat

No permanent negative effects of the Project have been found in any of the above areas. The Kiggavik Exploration Project has been certified as meeting the international requirements of ISO 14001, ensuring excellence in environmental protection during exploration field activities. We will aim to achieve this certification for the Kiggavik mine and mill in the future. This will mean that the many Kiggavik project benefits can be realized without a compromise to people of the land or the environment.

AREVA will check the effects of the Kiggavik Project on the surrounding region while it is being built, while it operates and after mining has stopped. Regular meetings with Elders as well as other community members and interest groups will be held to ensure we work together for a successful project and the inclusion and benefit of communities.