Learn more about Canadian uranium mines’ performance

Did you know that uranium mines have had 100% compliance with the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations from 2007 to 2011 and out-performed base metal, precious metal, and iron mines? See Table 2-5 below.

The above table and a full discussion on the performance of uranium mines and how this performance compares to other types of mining is available as Exhibit #53 provided during the Kiggavik Project environmental assessment final hearing. Exhibit #53 – the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Staff Report in the Performance of Uranium Fuel Cycle and Processing Facilities: 2012 (April 2014) is available HERE.

Production begins at Cigar Lake uranium mine

1403-BB-0292 The first uranium ore produced at the Cigar Lake mine, which is operated by Cameco in northern Saskatchewan, departed today for AREVA’s McClean Lake Mill, located approximately 70 kilometres away.

The Cigar Lake project represents a $2.6 billion investment and will employ more than 600 highly skilled workers, the majority of whom are northern Saskatchewan residents. As many as 1,000 people worked on the construction of the mine, which relies on a high-pressure water jet boring mining system for production.

All of the ore is expected to be processed at the McClean Lake Mill, which is operated by AREVA, beginning by the end of the second quarter of 2014. With a production capacity of 10,900 tons of uranium per year, the McClean Lake Mill is expected to produce 770 to 1,100 tons of uranium concentrate from Cigar Lake ore in 2014. Its annual production rate will ramp up to 8,100 tons by as early as 2018.

“Thanks to Cameco’s technology for the Cigar Lake mine and AREVA’s for processing this uranium ore, we are proud that production from this unique deposit has begun. Our industrial partners and Saskatchewan’s economy will benefit from this project for many years to come,” said Olivier Wantz, senior executive vice president of AREVA’s mining business group.

(Photo of Cigar Lake operation by Cameco.)

AREVA Celebrates 50 Years in Canada

AREVA Celebrates 50 Years of Operations in Canada

OTTAWA, February 26, 2014 – AREVA is pleased to celebrate this year the 50th anniversary of its operations in Canada. AREVA employs more than 500 people located throughout several Canadian provinces and Nunavut that are engaged in developing a range of solutions for low-carbon power generation. In addition to being one of Canada’s leading uranium producers, AREVA provides services and engineering for Canadian nuclear reactors and manufactures radiation detection equipment.

“Our success is the product of the hard work and dedication over the years of our many employees and the support of their families and our host communities throughout Canada. AREVA is today making major investments in our operations in Canada to position ourselves for the next 50 years,” said Vincent Martin, president and CEO of AREVA Resources Canada.

“Over the past half century, AREVA has grown deep roots in the Canadian nuclear industry. We are grateful to have the confidence of our customers and to provide them with a full range of nuclear products and services, both in Canada and worldwide,” said Jean-Francois Beland, executive vice president of AREVA Canada.

Read the full AREVA Celebrates 50 Years in Canada here.

Also check out the new 50th anniversary video here.

AREVA Resources Canada Marks 1 Year Without Lost-Time Accident

AREVA Resources Canada Inc. employees and contractors celebrated going one full year without a lost-time accident (LTA) today. This achievement includes employees and contractors at its offices at Saskatoon; its McClean Lake and Cluff Lake sites in northern Saskatchewan; and its exploration sites in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Nunavut.

“Everyone on the AREVA Resources Canada team should be proud of this accomplishment. It shows our shared commitment to working safely even during this period of increased activity at our sites,” said Vincent Martin, CEO of AREVA Resources Canada.

ARC employees and contractors will also reach the milestone of 1 million work hours without an LTA by the end of August if the current trend is maintained.

NIRB and CNSC Representatives Tour AREVA’s McClean Lake Operation

Representatives from NIRB and CNSC toured AREVA’s McClean Lake operation in northern Saskatchewan as part of their review of the proposed Kiggavik project. AREVA was pleased to demonstrate our company performance in Saskatchewan and provide the opportunity for these organizations to fact check, see first-hand the operation and discuss similarities and differences with the proposed Kiggavik Project