AREVA’s Kiggavik Project Team Gearing Up to Respond to Comments

Kiggavik Project Final Environmental Impact StatementToday is the last day for intervenors to submit their written comments on AREVA’s Kiggavik Project Final Environmental Impact Statement. We wil review all the comments and prepare responses in time for the Final Hearing, which will take place March 2 to 14, 2015 in Baker Lake, NU. In the meantine, from January 27 to February 3, 2015, the Nunavut Impact Review Board will hold information sessions in the Kivalliq Region to promote public awareness and effective participation a the upcoming Final Hearing. AREVA looks forward to responding to all comments and further explaining its Kiggavik Project in detail at the Final Hearing.

AREVA Provides Medical Assistance to Hunters

As a member of the community, AREVA employees are happy when they can lend a helping hand. A crew from AREVA’s Kiggavik project exploration camp provided assistance to a member of a hunting party requiring medical assistance and brought the man back to Baker Lake on July 22. This is second helicopter assistance in the Baker Lake area AREVA has provided this month.

Victor Aningaat, who suffers from a medical condition, was on a six-day seal hunt with friends and family members when he became ill and discovered he did not have enough medication. John Etegoyak, who was on the trip and works at the Kiggavik site, saw his friend suffering and called the AREVA Baker Lake office to see if AREVA could help.

AREVA sent a helicopter with health and safety specialist Curtis Rhinas to find the hunters where they were camping near the Quolch River about halfway between Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet. But first they stopped and picked up some of Aningaat’s medicine from the clinic in Baker Lake. After administering the medication to himself, he rested peacefully during the helicopter ride back to Baker Lake accompanied by his girlfriend and daughter.

In the picture below, Rhinas examines Aningaat near the Quolch River.

AREVA Provides Medical Assistance to Hunters - July 22, 2014

Winter Haul to AREVA’s Kiggavik Project Site is Complete

2014 Winter Haul (3)The winter haul in preparation for AREVA’s 2014 summer field exploration program at the Kiggavik Project began on March 12 with Peter’s Expediting Limited (PEL) breaking trail.

 The haul started with the transport of five “Seacan” containers full of drilling and camp supplies to the Kiggavik site. During the return trips from Kiggavik to Baker Lake, PEL brought back four containers containing scrap materials and one trailer with used drill rods. This material will be sent to licensed disposal sites in the south during the upcoming open water barge season.

 PEL then began hauling fuel to the site. About 100,000 liters of Jet A fuel along with 110,000 liters of diesel fuel was transported to the AREVA fuel cache and pumped into large Envirotanks.

 A good trail was established and the haul was going well, but with the warmer weather fast approaching PEL thought it safer to request some help to complete the fuel haul in good time.2014 Winter Haul (1)

 M&T Enterprises from Rankin Inlet responded to the call and was able to bring its equipment to finish the fuel haul and transport the remainder of the drill supplies, such as core boxes, core racks, and bundles of drill rods.

 The final trip of the winter haul took place on April 27 with a load of drill rods. In total, there were 16 trips consisting of 30 loads of freight transported to the Kiggavik Site in just over six weeks.IM2014 Winter Haul (2)

 Thank you to Peter’s Expediting Limited and M&T Enterprises a successful winter haul.

The site will now be ready for the summer exploration field season to start in early June.

Community Liason Committee Has First Meeting of the Year

On Feb. 20, the Community Liaison Committee held it’s first meeting of the year. David Simailak was introduced as a new member appointed by the District Education Authority replacing Casey Tulurialik.  Long-time member Martha Nukik resigned as a member. David Simailak was elected Chair, and Thomas Anirniq was elected Vice Chair. 

Discussions included reporting on the tour of Kivalliq communities AREVA carried out in November of 2013 and January 2014, the tour of mining operations in Saskatchewan in December 2013, and AREVA’s participation in the Kivalliq Mine Training Society Committee.  Committee members discussed the upcoming overland haul to bring supplies to the Kiggavik exploration site about 80 km west of Baker Lake. 

Participants also discussed and coming meetings with the Chesterfield Inlet and Baker Lake Hunters and Trappers Organizations to gather input for the Final Environmental Impact Statement scheduled, which AREVA expects to submit to the regulator in September 2014.  The Minutes of the October 23, 2013 meeting were approved and can now be found on the Kiggavik Blog here.

AREVA continues community engagement in Coral Harbour and Baker Lake this week

A small group of AREVA representatives was in Coral Harbour on January 21, 2014 as part of the Kivalliq communities open house tour started in November 2013 with stops in each of the region’s communities.

While in Coral Harbour yesterday, we met with the Mayor and Council and visited three high school classes. We also had the opportunity to meet with the local Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO) representatives. In the evening we hosted our public open house. At every meeting and during the open house we provided an update on our plans for the Kiggavik project and the environmental assessment process. We were able to answer questions and also gather some feedback from all the people we met. We plan to report on all our 2013/2014 and prior community engagement efforts in the Final Environmental Impact Statement we will release this fall.

We thank Coral Harbour’s Mayor and Council, high school principal, teachers and students, the HTO and all the residents who attended our open house.

Next stop in our Nunavut travels this week – if the weather holds up – is Baker Lake for a meeting with the Hamlet Council.