Real-Life Learning: A Summer with AREVA

PohlerMy name is Brad and I am currently a student at the University of Saskatchewan in the college of Environmental Engineering. As the Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality supervisor at AREVA’s Kiggavik exploration camp this summer, I have been in charge of ensuring compliance with environmental legislation, permits, and licenses, as well as guaranteeing that proper environmental checks are in place. 

This position has been an excellent work experience for my future environmental engineering career. It has introduced me to the intricacies of government regulations and licensing, as well as the importance of community involvement in any mining project.

Environmental protection and monitoring are important to me. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with a company that is committed to meeting and exceeding current environmental standards. I have high hopes for the development of a uranium mine in Nunavut that will allow us to meet our growing energy demands in an environmentally sustainable way.

Kiggavik Community Liaison Committee Holds Meeting in Baker Lake

On the evening of Monday, July 22, the Kiggavik Community Liaison Committee (CLC) held their second regular meeting of 2013 at AREVA’s Kiggavik office in Baker Lake, NU.

The CLC meeting provided a forum for Committee members to discuss a number of issues with AREVA representatives.  A summary of topics discussed is:

  • There was an election of officers – Casey Tuluriak was re-elected as Chair and Jean Simailak was elected as Vice-Chair.
  • Timothy Eviuk, Wildlife Monitor described the wildlife monitoring that takes place at Kiggavik and the role of the Wildlife Monitor to ensure the program is carried out.
  • Diane Martens, Regulatory Process Manager, spoke about the recent Technical Meetings, Community Roundtable and Pre-Hearing Conference Report, as well as the next steps in the Kiggavik environmental review process. 
  • Brad Pohler, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Supervisor for Kiggavik’s exploration field season discussed the environment, radiation and safety programs carried out at Kiggavik.
  • Upcoming events, including AREVA’s Kivalliq Tour, which is scheduled for November 2013.

Minutes from the July 22 meeting will be made available on pending their approval at the next CLC meeting, scheduled for this coming fall/winter.

To view the latest set of approved bilingual minutes from the February 2013 CLC meeting, click here.


Engagement will Continue Going Forward

With the completion of technical meetings and receipt of the Pre-Hearing Conference decision, AREVA Resources Canada is now preparing its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), scheduled for release on September 30, 2014. This FEIS will include  information from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in addition to information gained since the release of the DEIS in January 2012.  The process of gathering and responding to information requests and technical comments, followed by technical meetings and a Community Roundtable, has enabled a thorough review of AREVA’s draft document by a wide range of reviewers and stakeholders.  This process has resulted in AREVA making more than 300 commitments for inclusion in the FEIS. 

Engagement with communities and stakeholders has been, and will continue to be, an important component of the Kiggavik Environmental Assessment.  Since the release of the DEIS, AREVA has visited the seven Kivalliq communities for comments on the DEIS and significance determination, and has met with several organizations, including the Community Liaison Committee, Hamlet Councils, Hunters and Trappers Organizations, other wildlife organizations, elders groups, high schools, Kivalliq Mayors and many of the stakeholder groups that have commented on the DEIS.   

Going forward, AREVA plans to hold an open house this coming fall, and will continue to meet with stakeholders on a regular basis. 

“We consider it important to meet periodically with each stakeholder group so that the input we have is current and individuals can continue to make their opinions known to us.  The comment forms completed in our previous open houses indicated that people in the Kivalliq region prefer meetings and open houses as the best method of communication, and we intend to use these forums to continue dialogue as we progress forward,” said Barry McCallum, AREVA’s Manager of Nunavut Affairs.

NIRB Issues Pre-Hearing Conference Report on Kiggavik Project Proposal

The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) has issued its Pre-Hearing Conference Report for AREVA’s Kiggavik Project Proposal. Following the submittal of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and a conference held June 4 to 6 in Baker Lake, the Board considered a wide range of technical comments from 14 parties before issuing  instructions to AREVA for the preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. AREVA will submit the Final EIS by September 30, 2014, and a Final Hearing will be scheduled pending acceptance of the document by NIRB. This step is expected to take place in 2015.

“This is another step forward in the review process for our Kiggavik Project. We appreciate the dialogue that these meetings have facilitated, and we will use this Pre-Hearing Conference Report to guide us in the preparation of our Final EIS,” said Barry McCallum, AREVA’s Manager of Nunavut Affairs.

The entire Pre-Hearing Conference Report is available on the NIRB’s online public registry here.

A translated version of the Report is being prepared and will be posted to the NIRB’s online public registry as soon as it is available.

AREVA Sets Record For Uranium Production in 2012

Earlier this week AREVA released news that we had set a production record in 2012, making us the second-largest uranium producer in the world. You can read the original story here.

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, February 18, 2013 – With 9,760* tons of uranium produced in 2012, AREVA set its production record and remains the second largest producer in the world.

AREVA’s mining sites in Kazakhstan and Niger beat their all-time highs for the second consecutive year: KATCO with 3,661 tU (53 tU more than in 2011), and SOMAIR with 3,065 tU (339 tU more than in 2011).

The other Nigerien mine, COMINAK, also turned in an outstanding performance, with 512 tU as AREVA’s share and a total of 1,506 tU. The McArthur–Key Lake teams produced 2,270 tU as AREVA’s share, 108 tons more than initially targeted. The Trekkopje site (Namibia) produced 251 tons.

For Olivier Wantz, Senior Executive Vice President, Mining activities and Member of the AREVA Executive Board: “It is a remarkable collective performance. We are in line with the production objectives of the ACTION 2016 strategic action plan. One more sign that AREVA respects its commitments and is on the way of a reconstructive path”.

* AREVA’s share consolidated financially