Great Nunavut Day Celebrations in Baker Lake

Happy Nunavut Day!

Happy Nunavut Day!

Yesterday, our Manager Nunavut Affairs, Barry, was happy to attend some of the Nunavut Day celebrations in Baker Lake. He particularly enjoyed watching the Inuit games and spending time witht Mayor Joedee Joedee, MLA Simeon Mikkungwak and some of the Elders. Once again, as we have for many years, AREVA was happy to sponsor some of the entertainment and attend the celebrations. Many thanks to the residents of Baker Lake for a great Nunavut Day!

NIRB Set Dates for Public Hearings on Kiggavik Project

The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) has published the dates of public hearings for the Kiggavik Project final environmental impact statement. The technical presentations are planned for March 2-7, 2015 and the community roundtables for Marc 9-15, 2015. The hearings will be held at the Baker Lake Community Center and could extend into the week of March 16-20, if deemed necessary by NIRB. For more information consult the NIRB site.

AREVA Hosts Third Community Liaison Committe Meeting of the Year in Baker Lake

CLC Meeting - July 2013On August 12 the Kiggavik Project Community Liaison Committee held its third meeting of the year in Baker Lake. There were 7 representatives of community organizations such as the trappers and hunters, elders and education in attendance along with two AREVA employees. The meeting started with the formal approval of the June 23, 2014 meeting minutes, which are available in English and Inuktitut. The meeting continued with a discussion on the status of the Kiggavik exploration field season. Barry McCallum, Manager Nunavut Affairs reported that the exploration season would likely be completed in early September this year. He also noted that the Kiggavik Project team was making progress on the preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and expected to be able to submit it to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) in late September. During the meeting the group took some time to review the monthly Kiggavik Wildlife Reports for June and July 2014. Finally the attendees mentioned the upcoming NIRB information sessions scheduled in Baker Lake on September 4. The minutes of this meeting will be made public once they are approved at the next meeting, likely in the fall.

AREVA Provides Medical Assistance to Hunters

As a member of the community, AREVA employees are happy when they can lend a helping hand. A crew from AREVA’s Kiggavik project exploration camp provided assistance to a member of a hunting party requiring medical assistance and brought the man back to Baker Lake on July 22. This is second helicopter assistance in the Baker Lake area AREVA has provided this month.

Victor Aningaat, who suffers from a medical condition, was on a six-day seal hunt with friends and family members when he became ill and discovered he did not have enough medication. John Etegoyak, who was on the trip and works at the Kiggavik site, saw his friend suffering and called the AREVA Baker Lake office to see if AREVA could help.

AREVA sent a helicopter with health and safety specialist Curtis Rhinas to find the hunters where they were camping near the Quolch River about halfway between Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet. But first they stopped and picked up some of Aningaat’s medicine from the clinic in Baker Lake. After administering the medication to himself, he rested peacefully during the helicopter ride back to Baker Lake accompanied by his girlfriend and daughter.

In the picture below, Rhinas examines Aningaat near the Quolch River.

AREVA Provides Medical Assistance to Hunters - July 22, 2014

Rankin Inlet Bike Rodeo Rustles Up Safe Riders

Some 60 local youngsters came out to learn about bicycle safety and have a fun ride at the Rankin Inlet Bike Rodeo on July 14. Hosted by the Rankin Inlet RCMP Detachment and Nunavut Public Health, this event aims to make bicycling safer, especially for younger riders.

The event offered a lesson on safe riding, a safety equipment check and skills testing to ensure that everyone is prepared for a fun time on two wheels.

AREVA was a sponsor of the event and provided bicycle helmets for the young riders from Rankin Inlet.Picture 085