Who Are We?

AREVA is a worldwide company that provides solutions for making low-carbon power. AREVA’s goal is to support local economies while also supplying safe, clean and economical energy. You can read more about our values here.


AREVA in Nunavut

The Kiggavik Project is AREVA’s planned uranium mining and milling operation in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. It is located about 80 km west of the community of Baker Lake. The Project includes four open-pit mines, one underground mine and one processing mill. A dock for supplies will be constructed near Baker Lake.

Uranium from this project will fuel power plants to help meet the world’s energy needs without producing a lot of carbon.


AREVA in Saskatchewan

AREVA Resources Canada has been in Saskatchewan for almost 50 years. The main office is in Saskatoon, and the company is a major contributor to local and northern economies through uranium exploration, mining and milling.

About 370 people work for AREVA in Saskatchewan, and more than half of these people live in northern communities. In 2012, AREVA gave more than $2,500 per worker to local non-profit and community organizations and post-secondary students in Saskatchewan. This is just one example of how AREVA tries to support individuals and their communities.


AREVA in Canada

AREVA Canada aims to find safe, economical energy solutions. The company has 500 workers in Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Ontario involved in exploration, mining and manufacturing as well as in finding solutions to make power without producing a lot of carbon.


AREVA Worldwide

AREVA is headquartered in Paris, France, and has 47,000 employees around the world helping to supply safe, clean and economical energy. Ranked number one in the nuclear power industry, AREVA is the only company in the world to take a role in every step of the nuclear fuel cycle including mining uranium, building reactors, checking on existing plants and safely recycling used fuel.

AREVA also tries to find ways to use energy from resources that are replaced naturally. In fact, AREVA is expanding its solutions based on wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen power.