Kiggavik Team Committed to Wildlife Protection

Drill Rig at KiggavikAs AREVA’s Kiggavik team gets ready to wrap up 2014 and prepares for the next steps of the environmental assessment process, we thought this would be a good time to reaffirm and demonstrate our commitment to wildlife protection. Indeed AREVA is committed to wildlife monitoring and mitigation and transparent reporting. We have a Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan in effect during the operation of the exploration camp each season, and you can read our summer field season wildlife reports here.

The Kiggavik team has implemented many measures to ensure wildlife protection, for example, at the Kiggavik exploration camp, wildlife have the right of way and operations accommodate wildlife. This means that we suspend drilling operations if groups of caribou approach the drill rigs within 2 km in June or July, and we shutdown drilling if cows and calves are within 10km of the site from May 15 to July 15. Further, the helicopters we use have altitude restrictions to avoid disturbing caribou and we keep logs of each flight including records of wildlife sightings.

We also hire wildlife monitors from Baker Lake to ensure that we comply with the Kiggavik wildlife monitoring and mitigation plan and they also participate in the decision process to shut down and resume operations. In 2013, we shutdown drilling operations at a couple of drill rigs over three days in July and once in August, while in 2014, we shutdown up to three drill rigs over six days in July. Finally, we record any wildlife sighting and disturbance to the government regulators and the Baker Lake Hunters and Trappers Organization through our monthly wildlife reports during the summer camp operations and in our annual reports.

Our commitment to wildlife protection is unweathering and we look forward to continue to improve and deliver on our wildlife monitoring and mitigation plan in 2015.