AREVA Supports Kazan Helicopter Rescue

1307-BB-2911A group of Baker Lake youth got out of a sticky situation last week thanks to AREVA with some help from a Kivallingmiut Aviation helicopter and Peter’s Expediting Ltd.

On June 28, a group of young people left Baker Lake by boat for a day trip to the Kazan River. But when it was time to return, the wind shifted causing ice to block their way home and forcing them to spend the night waiting for the wind to change direction.

However, one member with a medical condition did not have the medical supplies for a long stay. The group called Baker Lake for help. After trying and failing to reach the group by boat, the boy’s grandfather contacted William Noah, AREVA’s representative in Baker Lake.  He asked if AREVA could help by sending a helicopter.

William contacted AREVA’s Kiggavik Project site and provided coordinates. Soon a helicopter from Kiggavik arrived with an employee from Peter’s Expediting who was familiar with the area and some snacks for the group. The helicopter quickly found the group and transported the boy and two others back to Baker Lake. The rest of the group was happy to stay a bit longer fortified with some snacks from Kiggavik.